Expo Milano 2015

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Expo Milano 2015

For the most important event of 2015, the experience of AV Set is set in place for the construction of the pavilion ENEL.

“Sharing energy”, here is the concept that Enel wanted to express through its pavilion, a philosophy that becomes an architectural theme, thanks to the project of the Piuarch studio.

Overlooking the decumanus, the pavilion occupies an area of ​​900 squaremeters. A wiremesh, in which the wiring is installed, interprets the idea of ​​sharing energy, materializing the smartgrid in the design of the plate developed flush with the floor. The non-structure of the Pavilion is based on this grid: a three-dimensional representation of the intelligence of Enel’s network and the possibility of integrating the distribution of electricity with the environment.

The virtual wood is rooted in the connection nodes of the smartgrid: LED alle-colored polycarbonate trees specially designed by Enel Sole. The optical play of shadows and light created by the trees in the woods is reproduced, which wraps and accompanies the visitor up to the virtual control room, where you can see inside the control center of the smart city Expo. Here it is possible to view in real time the functioning of the intelligent network, the energy balance data of the Expo site and of the individual pavilions, the management of LED light points, the map of electric car charging points and statistical data: from consumption to ‘culling of CO2 emissions.

A journey through the energy and expertise of an innovative model that allows you to cultivate it. And to which Enel invites all visitors to Expo Milano 2015.

For EXPO 2015, AV Set also worked at Hall of Trenitalia and other technical interventions.

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