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Leader in search, application and development of innovative systems audio-video, AV Set is a laboratory of technologies and solutions directed to offer a service personalized for communicating in attractive way and emotionally involving.

Our mission is to satisfy the applications of communicators, designer, experienced of television and cinema productions, but also of firms and organizations, and to transform so every event in an unique and exceptional occasion.

Custom installations, conferences, meetings, museums, exhibitions,

concept stores, interactive showcases, broadcasting video integration.

Our firm accompanies the client during all the phases of the project of communication, from the approach to the analysis of the necessities, from the development of the applications up to the management of the infrastructure and the service.

AV Set furnishes technical infrastructures and solutions audio-video for the television broadcasting and realizes, to support of television and cinema productions, scenographies and special effects in digital environment.

In this particular sector AV Set, that also deals him with production of audio-visual materials, collaborates with the greatest whole television networks and with the great marks of the Italian and international cinema production.

For communication events AV Set offers a wide range of services that from the rental of the latest audio-visual equipment to the “turnkey” supply of the complete technical infrastructure.

We support every activity related to the technical management of an event, both indoor and outdoor, in Italy and abroad.

To make the communication in exhibition and commercial spaces dynamic and spectacular, AV Set offers besides consulting services, planning, installation and management of based systems on the technology digital signage.


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