Speakers Yamaha VXS5 e VXS8 black

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Yamaha VXS series loudspeakers are designed to ensure easy and safe installation combined with superlative sound quality. They can be mounted either on the ceiling or on a flat surface. The VXS series is equipped with internal transformers that allow operation at both low and high impedance by simply selecting the desired option on the back of the speaker. The models also offer IP35 protection which guarantees trouble-free use in external applications.

The design of the speakers has been carefully studied to maximize the performance of the sound and at the same time offer an elegant product. The hexagonal structure of the grid favors the clarity of the sound by increasing the opening ratio, while the smooth curves of the case allow a fitting in close contact with the surfaces while remaining capable of performing panoramas and inclinations.

8 ohms
VXS5: 75W / 150WVXS8: 90W / 180W
Scanning frequency VXS5: 62 Hz – 20 kHz (-10 dB)VXS8: 51 Hz – 20 kHz (-10 dB)
(w x h x d – mm)
VXS5: 176 x 280 x 163VXS8: 278 x 430 x 239
Weight (kg) VXS5: 3,6VXS8: 8,2

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