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The Yamaha PC3301N amplifier is a high-end system. It offers fast response and exceptional stability even with limited power supply. It is one of the reference models for quality, reliability and versatility in professional applications. The internal boards have been designed to minimize vibrations, while the sound quality has been brought to the highest levels, ensuring the lowest possible distortion.

The amplifier offers stereo, dual mono and mono bridge modes. The stereo modes, the two channels are independent. Dual mono mode allows a single mono input signal to drive both channels and two independent speaker systems. In bridge mode, both channels work together to provide maximum power. A switch on the rear panel allows you to change modes quickly and easily.

A complete range of terminals and connectors on the rear panel allows the amplifier to be used with multiple systems and equipment. The system is also equipped with a built-in subsonic filter that cuts frequencies below 20 Hz.

Scanning frequency
20 Hz / 20 kHz
In/Out Connections
2 x XLR-3 – 2 x Euroblock connector – 2 x speakON – 2 x 5.way binding post – Ethernet RJ-45
800W / 1600W
Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz
(w x h x d – mm)
480 x 88 x 456
Weight (kg) 12,5

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